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Serving as an educator for over 15 years in schools, districts, and universities, I’ve had the opportunity to build a strong, diverse skill set that has proven to be an asset in many different situations. I do not profess to be a Jane-of-All-Trades, but what I do, I do well. 
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Expertise: Skills


Do you want a more inclusive work environment?  Do you want equity to be more than a buzzword in your organization, but embodied practice?  I work with organizations, schools, and teachers to examine barriers to inclusion and equity within their environments.  After identifying barriers, I work with people to dismantle them-- on interpersonal. organizational, and structural levels.  This work is hard and uncomfortable.

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Dr. Hinnant-Crawford has made a significant impact supporting and enabling schools and individuals to put into action a vision of more equitable education.  She leads with grace, empathy, and a depth of expertise that is hard to match. Dr. Hinnant- Crawford’s book on improvement science is a cherished resource for helping school leaders, coaches, and educators understand and do the work of improvement science to transform education.

Liz Bergeron, PhD
Senior Director of Research New Tech Network


Dr. Brandi Hinnant Crawford is a thoughtful and intentional disrupter who seeks to change schooling by methodically combining an equity and justice lens with a disciplined understanding of quality improvement.

Jill Perry, PhD
Executive Director Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED)

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Dr. Hinnant-Crawford has been a pleasure to work with. She's taken the time to understand the complexities of our team's work, performed in-depth analysis, and then helped us translate it into something we can understand and use with a lay audience. We'd absolutely work with her again for any of our data needs!

Meg Stentz

Expertise: Testimonials
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